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The parts search.

They say the joy is in the chase. Well that is presuming that you actually eventually catch that which you are looking for. I have a ’96 Harlequin Golf. Which, for those not in the know, was a special edition Volkswagen made in a limited run of only 264 cars. The body panels of the car were painted 4 different colors (red, blue, green, and yellow). Below is a picture.

Volkswagen Harlequin

My 1996 Harlequin Golf

Not everybody’s taste I know, but I love it. Aside from the crazy paint there are other differences from the regular VW Golf. Such as silver faced gauges in the instrument cluster. One very significant difference is the cloth seats in the interior. The cloth pattern is called “Joker” because it was used Joker edition Golfs and Variants in Europe and South America. It was also used in the Harlekin edition Polos, which were painted like my Harlequin Golf. This is the subject of the great search. Now I will say there is nothing wrong with the seats in my car. They are in great shape, but I would like to recover a set of sport seats that have come into my possession with the same material. I have called every upholstery shop on the Web from places located right here in the U.S. to some located in the U.K. and Germany. Below is a picture of the seat material in that has been the subject of my search.

Joker Pattern Cloth

So, now I leave it up to you. Yes you who is reading this. If you know where I could find this material please let me know. Post a reply.

The Beginning…

In the words of Animaniacs. “This is the beginning, the beginning, the beginning of our story… the beginning… the beginning… the beginning…”

I had a wordpress crash during an update, and somehow lost my backup. I would have been really upset except for the fact that I really hadn’t posted much in the first place. That which was here was really not of any concequence. Hopefully this will be the encouragement I needed to get off my lazy #%% and actually make some posts moving foward.

Only time will tell.

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